drive my car into the ocean

Do you pay attention to reviews? For films or music?

I hardly ever read film reviews, and with music I’ll usually only read a review if its a band I’m really keen on. Reviews never usually change my opinion, often times I find myself disagreeing with most of them. The one thing I do enjoy reading (mostly) are concert reviews. I like to know how an artist/band I love performs onstage.

Lately though, I’ve been stumbling across a lot of negative reviews, and the one thing that all of these reviews seem to have in common is that their statements are never justified. If you’re gonna slag someone, at least put some reasoning behind it, no?

This morning I was reading a review of the Pixies gig I attended last night, and found myself wondering if we were at the same show. Perhaps this person left before the 3rd encore and didn’t get to hear what I heard. It’s pretty hard to fault a band who plays over 24 songs and who had steady banter throughout.  This person in particular was rambling on how Kim Deal was slurring her words and stumbling around drunk. I know my eyes are bad, and my ears aren’t the greatest either but all I saw was a chipper bass player who chatted happily with the crowd throughout the entire show. And I know stumbling, there was none present.

I think most times with overly negative reviews, the reviewer goes into it with a predetermined mindset.

How fitting, “Wave of Mutilation” (UK Surf) just came on the radio.



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3 responses to “drive my car into the ocean

  1. f

    It’s quite possible the reviewer didn’t even go to the concert. There’s been a lot of that kind of reportage lately, movie reviewers especially.

  2. There seems to be an anti-Pixies backlash happening in concert reviews. The review of the Calgary show was not only negative, but seemed to be a forum for the reviewer to talk about how the show ten years ago was SO superior. And then rambled on vaguely about Nostalgia. Yes. With a capital N. I suspect drunken reviewing.

  3. F: Yeah, that is quite possible. That’s one of the reasons I never read movie reviews.

    Barb: Ha! Drunken reviewing definitely might be the problem. ;) I suspect the entire NME staff to be guilty of that. All the time.

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