holding onto your fishing line, i can hear the future just fine

The one thing I miss about not living so close to my family is our dinner debates.

Sure, they often get heated but it’s never mean-spirited. Or perhaps I’m only remembering the good stuff.  Probably. Still, it’s one of the things I miss.

I think I’ve mentioned this before but when I was younger, in elementary school, before dinner we’d have to pick out an article from the paper and discuss it at dinner. Could be from any section, and it always provided good discussion. The parentals weren’t interested in us memorizing the article, just curious as to why we chose it, etc.

I remember this was how I got to see my first concert, too. I clipped out an article on the MGB and made my case on why I should be able to go with my friend, sans parents. I must have been 14 or so, and only had one friend who liked MGB too, so we had to convince both sets of parents. I’m sure my pleading eyes and promises to do extra chores probably helped, but they agreed.

This memory popped into my head today, as I’ve been pondering firsts.

What was your first concert?

What election did you first vote in?



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3 responses to “holding onto your fishing line, i can hear the future just fine

  1. kelly

    considering I turned 18 in 1981 it would have been the 1982 Saskatchewan general election. Which was when the Conservatives defeated the NDP which held power since 1971. Coincidently alan Blakeney who was NDP premier up to that time just dies a few weeks ago.

    my first concert, hard to remember but I think it was the Boggy Creek Mountain Music Festival held in the woods near Roblin Manitoba.

  2. Well done, selling the parentals on the MGB concert. That would have been a great one to start your concerting life with.

    My first concert was Gordon Lightfoot and it was in the nosebleeds of the fancy concert hall. My friends and I took the bus there, naturally.

    I remember very clearly the first election I DIDN’T vote in. It was a Manitoba general election and I had recently moved into my first apartment. I marched into the polling station all excited to vote for Ed Broadbent and the NDP and was told that because I had missed getting on the voter list, I was not allowed to vote, unless I could find a neighbour who would swear I lived where I lived. Which of course I couldn’t. Never made that mistake again.

  3. Kelly: Well last night certainly wasn’t my first election, but I think its the one I shall remember the most.

    Barb: It was a good show, from what I can recall. Such a tiny venue, I saw them again at outdoor festivals but it was never the same.

    That must have been so frustrating! Did you hear about all the shenanigans going on yesterday at the rolling stations? People claiming to be working with Elections Canada telling people they were in the wrong place. Horrible!

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