tea, sushi, and concerts

How is it I managed to have a brilliant weekend; lots of great food, friends and music and the only pictures I have are from the menus and of my new tea pot? I guess you could say I was too distracted enjoying my surroundings and the company.

The drink menu at Guu – the new restaurant I wanted to try in Gastown. I love how there is a “Sweetness Scale” on the drinks. I had a cherry blossom, which contained cherry brandy and it was delicious. I’ve never really had brandy before, but I’m a convert and there is now a bottle in my flat that I am looking forward to enjoying on the balcony this summer.

I loved the details on this menu. It was Japanese Barbecue, and their online menu lead me astray (had a few sushi choices) but when we arrived there were few things I could eat on the menu (all appetizers) so we had drinks and endamame and headed next door. Guu itself is a really friendly place. The staff cheer and announce your orders in a song/chant, and they were very gracious. It’s the perfect place to go for drinks and appetizers, and I will definitely go back.

But before we left we cleaned our palettes with some frozen grapes.

MoMo Sushi is literally right next door to Guu. And you wonder why I love this city? It’s a converted old diner made into a sushi bar. I’ll be going back in a few weeks and will take actual pictures of the food then. Promise. We enjoyed spider, veggie and dynamite rolls, tempura and some Sapporo.

And that concludes the outside portion of this post…the rest of the pictures will be on my new Hario Tea Tornado. Here it is on my tea-tray on the kitchen counter. Much bigger than I had expected, but very useful, as the strainer comes in two parts which makes cleaning super easy.

All the parts…

While waiting for the water to boil, I filled the glass pitcher with warm water and let it sit while I measured out the tea.

Starting to pour water in from the kettle…

This is the first time I used it and I was making hot red rooibos tea, hence the colouring. Although it tasted lovely, I will primarily use this tea-pot for cold teas, specifically green tea because a) its more aesthetically pleasing when you can see the leaves spin and b) the pitcher is so large (makes 5-6 cups) which is perfect for putting in the refrigerator and having over a period of time.

This is a different tea – green rooibos honeybrush and you can see the leaves floating a bit more with the lighter tea. It was really hard to capture how cool it looks on film.

The green rooibos all brewed and I’ve added a bit of honey. You may notice a bit of leaves at the bottom on the pot. However, the lid has a bit of a strainer on it, so when you pour out the contents no loose bits get in your drink.

Glass of tea with some lemon biscuits already broken in half – convenient for dunking!

Oh right and the music. Here’s a clip from a band I’ve just really gotten into since hearing they’d be opening for the Fleet Foxes, and they are the Cave Singers. Really lovely guys, put on a fabulous show and were a great buttress to the Fleet Foxes. Up next, Pixies!



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2 responses to “tea, sushi, and concerts

  1. You know you are having a good time when you forget to take photos! That’s my ready excuse, anyway.

    Your tea pot looks fun! Perfect for relaxed summer tea sipping.

  2. At least the RO got a few in. We’ll take more in September. ;)

    Most definitely. Can’t believe it’s still light out and 20 degrees!

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