fever pitch

So glad I do not have cable, but really wishing I would be able to watch election coverage tomorrow.

The CBC doesn’t come in that well, but CTV usually has a good signal, yet their anchors typically annoy me.

Shall have to suck it up and just tune in. I’m happy that our election process takes place in 6 weeks and that we don’t have to deal with the prolonged campaigns like other countries. I’m hoping tomorrow that the party I support will become the official opposition to another minority government. Something I’ve never seen happen, since I’ve been voting at least.

However you vote, I don’t care, just get out and do it! Want to see turn-out rates rocket this year.



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3 responses to “fever pitch

  1. kelly

    I am still torn about which way to vote here. We’ve discussed it quite a bit yesterday and I think we’ve come to the same conclusion on who to support. I think the conservative candidate is a better representative but … I don’t like how Harper and the Conservatives have evolved. I am concerned about how taxation and the economy will chnage under NDP. Sooo…..minority with a strong opposition would be good. although if it means another election in a couple years I don’t think that is the best thing for us either. Maybe as a country we need to examine different electoral systems but I suspect they all have pros and cons.

  2. I’m hoping for a minority with a strong opposition, and I think that’s what we’ll get, which will hopefully mean the Cons will out Harper themselves for the next go around.

  3. kelly

    but yes I agree with you, everyone should feel obligated to vote. In Australia voting is compulsory by law. I’ll have to read some more on that.

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