enjoying my first migraine free day this week.

having some green tea from my new tea tornado. needs more honey.

wondering if i should go and get my license renewed today, or wait for a better hair day. seeing as you can’t smile in the photograph anyway, probably doesn’t matter. one more errand to cross off the list too.

looking forward to the election on monday.

trying to organize the logistics of our upcoming renovation. argh is one way to put it.

super excited for this afternoon/evening. it includes dinner with one of my favourite people (to a new sushi restaurant) followed by going to see the Fleet Foxes and Cave Singers perform. i just realized the album doesn’t officially come out until next tuesday – so was hoping to buy it on vinyl. look for a report tomorrow.

pondering what to have for lunch.

currently…you are?



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4 responses to “currently…

  1. – eyeballing the pile of suitcases suspiciously

    – reminiscing about the lovely time last evening, looking forward to the next one…

  2. i’m eyeballing all the laundry i have to do and thinking of re-watching Fringe instead. ;)

    it was a good evening – i am going to buy some cherry brandy this weekend! safe travels back home. shall see you in the fall!

  3. f

    Tea Tornado pics por favor…

    How was the new Sushi place?

    Me? I am drinking my Sunday morning cuppa and taking benadryl . Mentally prepping myself to record a bunch of hippies.

  4. Shall take some after work today…promise!

    Pictures and report on sushi place to follow in next post as well. ;) It wasn’t what we were expecting though – their online menu was different then in the restaurant and there wasn’t much I would eat. Drinks were great though!

    Get on the bee pollen! Look forward to hearing about the recording – hope all goes well.

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