things that perplex and surprise

All this royal wedding business. I heard on the radio this morning that hotels in Van are offering 3am wake-up calls, and opening restaurants early for breakfast so people can watch the festivities. Just don’t get it.

Black flavoured licorice. Does anyone like it?

Developed allergies.

That my homemade vegan pot pie tasted lovely. That was the surprise. Sometimes it disappoints.

Any surprises/perplexed pondering for you today, or this week?



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9 responses to “things that perplex and surprise

  1. f

    I just hope this Royal Wedding has a happier ending.

    Black Licorice is awful… when are they gonna make Blue Vines?

    I was surprised by how good the new Beastie Boys album is… “Grandpa’s been rappin since 83″… and is almost as good as he was in 92!!

    Apparently you can develop an immunity to pollen allergies by putting a little bit of local bee pollen in your food and slowly increasing the dosage. This does not surprise me, but the fact that no one told me before now does. Gonna get right on it!

  2. Yes, me too.

    I had some mixed jelly beans today, and didn’t noticed the black ones, blah. We don’t even get red vines here. :( I have them when I visit the family in the states.

    I’ve only listened once – but enjoyed what I heard. Feels like an album made for headphones.

    I’ve never heard of that before, how interesting. I wonder what would get rid of cat allergies? Just did a bit of reading – seems as though it helps with a host of other issues too. One being, insomnia. Yes, why isn’t this more widely known!

  3. f

    Helps with insomnia too? Double on it!

  4. Apparently. I am definitely going to be trying it – considering I slept 3 hours last night – this information couldn’t have found me on a better day. Thanks!

  5. I don’t trust people who like black licorice.

    I have never understood the hoopla behind many weddings; the fact that people are falling all over themselves to watch a wedding of people they will never meet perplexes me no end.

    Developed allergies are very confusing, especially when it takes you a while yo realise that you have developed them. Squid and rat dander for me, and now evidently, papaya.

    Vegan pot pie sounds divine! Anything in a pie crust is awesome!

  6. Seems like a good policy.

    I think because my parents eloped, weddings are a bit lost on me too.

    Those are some odd allergies! Yes, I recall the papaya – that was scary. Kind of like me and the blueberries. Shame, such good fruits.

    Was very tasty. Shall have to pass along the recipe!

  7. kelly

    apparently I am the only evil untrustworthy person here.

    black licorice is the only licorice. It helps with vertigo ya know
    what about ouzo or sambuca?

    anything to do with that wedding perplexes me.

  8. In my experience, vertigo “remedies” are on an individual basis, and normally things that make me ill already don’t make that list. ;) Black licorice or flavoured things alike all fall into the same category. That just means more for you!

  9. kelly

    I was kidding on the vertigo remedy thing, I have no idea if it is. Although I would imagine it would have to be used in the pure licorice root form not the candy form.

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