name that dish

This is what I had for lunch today.

What did you have?



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7 responses to “name that dish

  1. Is that a mushroom? I recognize rice, green pepper and pita…

    I had a piece of leftover fish, a piece of leftover olive bread (toasted) with melted gouda and some leftover kale on it. Also a glass of milk and an apple. It was pretty darned divine.

  2. No, not a mushroom…and no pita…

    Wow. That sounds lovely! I could go for some Gouda right about now, thanks for the suggestion!

  3. kelly

    it is very odd looking whatever it is…please tell.
    I have a bunch of cut raw veggies and some split pea soup

  4. iduality

    It’s a coconut!

    Coconut fried veggie rice…twas delish.

  5. kelly

    wow…ok I see it now! What is that greyish thing stuck to the inside of the lid?

  6. Um, the inside layer of the coconut? Don’t know if it has a specific name.

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