things i know for sure

That I’m not just allergic, but severely allergic to cats and blueberries.

I used to be able to get away with taking an allergy pill for the cats, but no longer.

I look like the stay-puff marshmallow man with a case of poison ivy from being around a cat yesterday.

Learn or re-learn anything this weekend?



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3 responses to “things i know for sure

  1. Oh no! I guess this means no more sleepovers at my house, as this house is thoroughly imbedded in cat, even when she’s not present. Although maybe I could shave the cat…

    I learned that, when moving snowbanks around the yard, it’s better to actually walk over to the trees to deposit your shovelfuls of snow under them, than to attempt to throw the snow all the way across the yard.

  2. f

    Blueberries? Oh man what a sucky thing to be allergic to. I have an allergy to lemongrass and have to be careful around Thai food.

    I learned that kite flying is fun at any age.

  3. Barb: I’m afraid so, the allergy seems to have gotten worse since my last visit to yours. Trying to imagine the SRK shaved – too funny!

    Valuable lesson! I can’t believe you guys still have snow – at least you’re here this week for a break.

    F: A developed allergy, I use to love them as child. Yesterday I attempted something that contained blueberries, and plus the cat – not a good combination.

    Kite flying sounds like a wonderful thing to do on a Sunday. Nice lesson to learn.

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