when ya gonna ring it

Woke up with this song playing in my head this morning.

What songs are kick starting your weekend?



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3 responses to “when ya gonna ring it

  1. I threw on an old mix yesterday and was blown away by the NQ Arbuckle track contained on it. Today I absolutely had to listen to CD from which that track came. I love those albums that blow you away when you listen to them after an absence.

  2. I actually knew the song when I read your lyric title this time! I don’t always. Would you believe I woke up thinking of Don’t Cry For Me Argentina? I went to see Patti Lupone at the Richmond Hill Centre on Thursday night and she was great but my wake up music lately has been Lykke Li.

  3. Barb: I love when that happens too. Even better when you listen again after a while and its still mind blowing.

    Dale: Yay! Sometimes they are obscure. I wouldn’t, but that song will probably be in my head for the rest of the day. ;) I’ve been hearing about Lykke Li, but haven’t listened yet. I should.

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