today i…

accidentally changed all the fonts on my display to ‘chiller’ before printing. creepiest text for a puppet display ever! (or the best?) made me laugh though.

wished there was no such thing as evening tours/meetings.

managed to break my modem. still trying to figure out how.

had a frustrating conversation with my landlords, who seem to have misplaced all my post-dated rent cheques. argh.

enjoyed watching the daffodils smile in the wind while having lunch in the park.

resisted the urge to have coffee crisp mini eggs for dinner.

came up with new ways to spend grant money. unfortunately none included perfecting the teleportation device, or me getting to buy new boots.

was happy to hear new news from the Radical Face camp. this year just keeps getting better for new music.

got carded at the liquor store. of course i’ll show you my ID and thank-you for thinking i look 18.

what did you do today? any smile inducing moments?



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2 responses to “today i…

  1. Sounds like a nice mix of good and less good. Shame about the lack of progress on the teleportation device though.

    I came to the realization that having an annual income that is only slightly larger than it costs to have my income tax return prepared is a) not sustainable, b) sort of negates being able to claim all these business expenses. So it was an eye opening sort of day.

  2. It was. I seemed to have restored my modem, so that’s a plus. Computer still shorts out, but I’m used to that now.

    If only one of the many volunteer gigs you work could turn into a paying one. Not sure how the festivals are run, but I’m assuming off some type of grants, which seem to be bouncing back a bit this year…

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