from the mixed up files of organized chaos

Hasn’t it been stated that the desk space a person occupies reflects their state of mind? Well, I’ve always said I operate under a bit of organized chaos.

Dale planted the seed in my mind with his post on where he writes (in the most uncluttered space I’ve ever seen!) and I thought about doing this post from home but I also do a lot of writing at work – so I figured I’d do it from both. He also included a sample of handwriting. I posted a scribbled picture of a paper from my work to-do notebook from a few weeks back.

My slanted ceiling office/desk at work – not to dissimilar to my home space; tea, cds, blanket capes…

I use to have really nice handwriting, but computers have ruined me. Note my to-do list has a to-do list.

This is where I write from at home – the living room. I’d say roughly 95% of the time I’m penning stuff from here. It’s a comfy couch, what can I say.

So, where do you write?



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7 responses to “from the mixed up files of organized chaos

  1. My desk is chaotic. I need space to spread the clutter. My favorite saying is: “You can’t function without a dysfunction; and my desk is mine. Yet, I get the job done.

  2. Love the 3D to-do list! When you can’t build out, build up. Your office is actually very welcoming, and I highly approve of the neat stacks.

    I have 4 writing places – a morning place, a need to spread out pages space, a need to scan/print while working space, and an evening space.

  3. SITBR: As long as everything gets done, right? Organized chaos has its plus side.

    Barb: I’m all about the stacks. I like multi-coloured file folders too!

    Sounds like an efficient use of space. I tend to do more morning interneting (before work) from my bedroom, but the rest is in the living room.

  4. f

    I rarely write at home… guess it just doesn’t inspire me… usually at random coffee shops or wherever the moment strikes and I have to write when it strikes, once I paid a girl $10 for her spiral notebook because there were no stores around and I had a “brilliant” idea.

  5. I have a pocket sized notepad that I never leave home without for that very reason. However, if I leave things there for too long I’ll go back and have to decipher what I was trying to say – as it’s usually in short hand. That’d be a post in itself…

    I tend to only write poetry when I’m out in coffee shops. I don’t get to them as much as I’d like anymore though.

  6. I loved seeing where you work and write and to-do everything, it’s so interesting. My main writing place is of course my mind which is far more cluttered than my desk seems to be. I’m worried if my desk is too cluttered, my brain might completely empty! Thanks for playing along!

  7. Love your artwork above the couch too! Very nice.

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