happy my voter card came in the mail yesterday – saved me a trip downtown to register. it’s now stuck to the fridge waiting.

really digging that new Santigold song with Karen O. thanks to the new Handsome Furs record i’ve burst into upbeat spring/summer music.

very much looking forward to Record Store Day tomorrow. planning to head to Neptoon Records on Main in Vancouver for some live music and shall return home with new vinyl. can’t wait! will you be participating tomorrow?

just discovered there is such a thing as Coffee Crisp min eggs? did you know these existed? i, did not.

want to get back to my regular monday to friday working week. i hate sunday through thursday, never really feels like a weekend.

enjoying some delicious veggie pakora and thinking i might turn on the television for the first time in two months.

currently…you are?



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6 responses to “currently…

  1. Ou fridge has voter cards stuck to it as well. That seems to be the natural home for voter cards.

    I’m not sure yet if I will be able to partake of RSD tomorrow. I just found out that Hot Wax will indeed be observing it, after being led to believe they were ignoring it. But I will have to keep an eye on the weather (snow till Wednesday forecast).

    Coffee crisp mini eggs? OMGOMG

  2. Just fits doesn’t?

    Too bad you weren’t visiting this week – we could have made a day of it. You’ll be here soon enough though. Found a new sushi place for us to visit in Gastown! It’s near a good pub and en route to a good dessert place. Really, what more could one ask for? ;)

    Well, they are more like giant mini eggs – but so good!

  3. f

    Anything that is a mini version of something is usually delicious!


    Kinda bummed I missed Fringe… If only I had gotten out of work an hour earlier… ah well download starts in 3…2…

    Tired yet jubilant… starting to feel like an audio engineer an not just some schmedrin doing audio engineering…

    Inspiring more and more people to use the word “Douchenozzle” … 4 today!

  4. Have to agree. Haven’t had chocolate in months either so it was a nice treat.

    I was a bit disappointed with this weeks episode – seemed like filler. I think I was bummed because the episode previous was so good.

    That’s a good feeling – when work starts to click. Means you’re doing the right thing. :)

    Ha! I’m going to have to remember that one for when my summer students start.

  5. Funny that ‘f’ managed to miss Fringe, I was just going to say I’d finished watching it and am so happy the animation in the episode worked far better than their attempt at a musical episode. And now? I’m listening to the rain.

  6. It’s nice to see them trying to do new things – I just wished there was a bit more content in this weeks. I think I’m starting to enjoy the other universe more!

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