voter burn-out

Canadians go to the election polls on May 2.

During the 80 and 90s voter turn-out rates were between 70-75%. In the last election they were 59%. The lowest in history.

The Conservatives got 37% of the vote. Going on to form a minority government.

However, when you factor that into with the turn-out rate it means that the current ruling party in Canada got only 22% of the vote. So fewer than a quarter of the eligible vote went onto to form our current government.

To me, this is scary. Extremely scary.

People all over the world are dying for the right to vote, and we’re pissing it away. I think it should be mandatory. I really do.

I hope I don’t have to ask you what you’re doing 19 days from now.



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7 responses to “voter burn-out

  1. Despite the fact that this staunchly conservative riding I live in will never elect anyone other than cretin Jason Kenney, so there is not even any point of voting strategically, I will use my vote to increase support for the party I support, to ensure them future political funding.

  2. That’s usually the case with things in this riding, but I plan on doing the same thing you are doing. I have to go an register tomorrow, as I didn’t get my voter card – I suspect they sent it to Ontario. I was really disappointed that you couldn’t go online to change your info with Elections Canada. If they are trying to get to the youth vote – that would really help.

  3. kelly

    I will vote as I have in every federal, provincial and municipal elction since I was 18. I value the right to vote and agree that it should be an obligation. I see why people are becoming more apathetic though. Some day’s I figure what’s the point, whoever gets elected it will be same old stuff. And then when I see the political grandstanding that goes on in parliment, I get disgusted by their behaviour

  4. The trouble is so many people think ‘oh what’s the point’ and that’s why we have the current government. Not that I really believe in the Liberal party either, at the moment. Hopefully we’ll see some change with this election though.

  5. I do think online voting would help. Have you done the vote compass thingy on CBC yet? It’s a great way to know where the parties stand on the major issues, and where you fit in. I have abstained from voting once or twice before because I didn’t know enough about the issues, where the parties stood on them, and that it was a full time job to keep up with it. I felt that voting ignorantly was worse than not voting at all. Then I realized I was no worse off than most voters and most people seemed to be voting based solely on personalities anyway, so I started voting again, but I do try and stay relatively informed.

  6. Yes, I did use the vote compass. Very interesting tool!

    It told me I vote Liberal (and I have always voted NDP), so that was interesting. If I actually believed in the current Liberal leader I would vote strategically. I so wish Bob Rae was the current Liberal leader. Old NDPer now on the Liberal side – best of both worlds!

    I feel more informed this time around, only because I actually know the candidate I’m voting for. The one good thing about my job and all the committees I have to sit on.

  7. kelly

    I always struggle with how to vote, for the individual or the party. We have a candidates debate here and I usually go to it, In my opinion the conservative candidate is a better representative…..but being under the conservative party and Stephen Harper’s thumb…well, I’ve become less and less enthused by them. I just wish there was more accountability in government.

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