except maybe…

I thought this yesterday.

Until I was awoken this morning at 5am by a call from back East.

I want to place a neon sign on the parentals lawn that reads:

Unless you’re dying, or someone has died, do not call me before 10am EST.

Or perhaps just…

There is a 3 hour time difference between coasts. Check your watch before you dial.

I can handle being woken up anytime after 7am, but not at 5am on a weekday. The call wasn’t important either.

“Did you get my emails?”

No I’ve been sleeping. It’s 5am.

“Oh, right. Well, I need you to fax that paper back to me”

I told you I’d send it to you when I got to work. Where the fax machine is.

“When will that be?”

In 4 hours. Again, it’s 5am.

“So not now?”

No! I’m hanging up now.

What pleasant sounds were you woken up to this morning?



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6 responses to “except maybe…

  1. HA! The mysteries of time zones will be forever lost on some people. At least you warned them that you were hanging up.

    I have not yet been woken up this year by a woodpecker eating my house inches from my head, but it’s really just a matter of days.

  2. Even when they’re in California, they are still asking me the time. Oi and vey. I had about a dozen e-mails this morning too. You’d think after the first two, they’d figure I was still asleep…

    Snow gets traded for woodpecker. Fun times all around! ;)

  3. f-dog

    Woke up as usual to the 6:45am sounds of the school bus picking up the neighbor kid.

  4. Wow. That’s an early bus ride!

    I usually wake up to sounds of the gamer blowing stuff up.

  5. Ha! I saw this comment pop up in my e-mail and thought it was for the band name post. Ah, too funny. ;)

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