what’s in a name

Been organizing all the submissions for the music series this summer. Double the number of applicants from last year, which is great, even if it means more work for me. However, while sorting through these submissions, I’ve been noticing some really bad band names. I’m all for eclectic and interesting names, but some of these really made me scratch my head and wonder – what were you thinking? Due to the power of Google, I am not listing them here.

First impressions are huge, and I’ve found it hard to dissociate the name while listening to the music. So I started renaming the files when I listen, to erase the initial bad name memory, and I’ve given all the applicants numbers. Which is frankly, how I listen to music anyway. Don’t ask me song titles, just give me the track number.

It’s been helpful, and I’m hopeful the names won’t have the same effect on the committee that they did on me.

Best/worst band names?



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11 responses to “what’s in a name

  1. There is a metal band out there called Goatwhore – no I don’t listen to them, never have – but I wonder what category it falls into, best or worse? I just don’t know…

  2. I find myself getting increasingly annoyed with those band names that are too long and, frankly, pretentious. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart immediately springs to mind…

    It’s great that you have double the number of applicants this year, regardless of their monikers. Very wise to listen to them blinded. I have to strongly disagree on song titles though; to me they are paramount.

  3. WC: I’ve heard of that band before. I’d be inclined to label it under worst…

    Barb: They do seem to be getting longer don’t they? I love the Pains music, but agree, that is a bad name.

    I just cannot recall them, I’ve always been a date/numbers person. Titles are very important though, I’ve been trying to recall them more.

  4. f

    Some guys we recorded recently used to be in a band called “Casket Snatch”…. they were referring to stealing coffins, but most everyone else had other ideas….

  5. Personally I hate any band title that has “fuck” in it. It’s way overdone and the lame attempt to stick it to those evil censors smacks of juvenile angst rather than making any real point or holding any shock value.

  6. F: Ha! That’s hilarious. Coffins were not the first thing to spring to mind when I read that name. I can see why they changed their name. ;)

    John: I can only think of two bands with “fuck” in their name…actually no, three. I can see your point though. Personally, I’m more bothered with a name like “Goatwhore” than anything with “fuck” in it.

  7. I just thought of this: there is a band called Anal Cunts. Now that’s BAD. So is their “music”.

  8. Actually, I find that highly amusing! Although I guess laughter is not the first response one wants to a name. ;)

  9. f-dog

    That’s it, my next band is gonna be called “The Fuck-Me-Nots”

  10. Ha. Catchy! Members should wear boots while performing too. Name just brought boot images to mind for some reason.

  11. That said, I’d have paid big money to see certain bands playing in Fucking, Austria.

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