you make me sleep so badly invisible friend

Is it odd to get thrown off when spring rolls around?

Don’t get me wrong, I love the cherry blossoms, but when the sun shines for more than two days in a row I don’t know what to do with myself. I lose my appetite, and my migraines are constant, usually because it rains while its sunny out and I’m not eating properly.

I also never know what music to listen to – and that makes me feel a bit lost. I’m still spinning Timber Timbre and the Fleet Foxes, and they’re not really sunny day music. Yet I’m still listening to them because well, they are fine albums, but also because I can’t handle loud music at the moment. I need a happy medium. Perhaps the Cave Singers will fit the bill.

How are you celebrating spring?



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2 responses to “you make me sleep so badly invisible friend

  1. I am cracking open windows and feeling the breeze (admittedly a bit cold) whip the winter mojo out of the house. Also listening to the Knife, because they are dancy, but being Scandinavian, also understand late springs.

  2. It’s still a bit chilly out to have the windows open here, but I opened them up at home on the weekend and breathed some life into the place.

    I turned on some Sunset Rubdown and it got my feet taping!

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