that one, he’s looking at me

I have to run a board meeting tonight, so I took of an hour early from work to grab a bit of a nap so I don’t fall asleep during the meeting.

I just woke up and had this horrible nightmare that someone came into the museum with all these ceramic squirrels, insisting we take them in as donations, and my boss agreed (which, sadly could actually happen). It was terrifying seeing them all lined up in my office. Even in a dream.

I think I’ve been spending too much time with the puppets.

Yeah, just a bit.

Wire squirrel garden art, suspect, but less disturbing then 30 ceramic statues in your office.



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2 responses to “that one, he’s looking at me

  1. It could very well happen, you are right. Remember those little ceramic animal figurines they used to have in boxes of Lipton tea? I’m pretty sure there were a few squirrels amongst them.

  2. Oh crap, yes, I do remember those! I think my grandmother use to collect those woodland creatures. I’m going to have to add a resolution to the collection policy – no squirrels allowed. ;)

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