trumpets and balloons

I’ve been missing my writing class.

It challenged me in a way I wasn’t expecting, and since it ended, I just haven’t been feeling the same.

Not that I ever needed the class to write, it just provided an excellent head space. That space is sometimes hard to recapture, and nothing that can ever be forced. Yet I’ve been trying to jump-start things a bit, in hopes a spark will ignite a full flame. So the re-watching of favourite foreign films has commenced.  We touched on Godard the other day, tonight it was Fellini.

I love that feeling – the knowing what’s coming next, but still being excited. I watched La Dolce Vita without the subtitles this eve, and it still had the same effect. Perhaps this is because I studied it in school, and one doesn’t forget having to write a 20 page paper on a 3 minute scene. Yet it’s because of that very fact I pick up on the subtleties in every film I watch now. Watching movement unfold can be just as important as catching the dialogue.

I pick up on the subtleties in everything I write now too. The sitting up until 2am in the morning rewinding the VCR to catch the almost unnoticed hand gesture manifests itself into how I construct my words.

And sometimes when you get it right, like a good piece of music, or a universal gesture, no translation is needed.

Your go-to film? Or the last film to inspire you?



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2 responses to “trumpets and balloons

  1. I hope you can find a substitute for your writing class in providing you with the right head space, because you definitely must keep writing. Who knew, though, that film studies could provide such clarity?

    My go-to film remains Local Hero. It’s the perfect blend of stunningly beautiful scenery, gorgeous music, quirky characters, deadpan humour, and Scottish accents.

  2. I think I’ll have to put the class on hold this summer. There is just too much going on at work. But I will look into classes again in the fall for sure. I may even take another class with the same teacher.

    Can’t beat Scottish accents!

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