truly happy today is my friday. it’s been a long 13 days without a day off.

have stopped trying to understand why.

really looking forward to the next few weeks; there will be visits and visitors, concerting and record store day. oh my!

thinking  i need to start a half-year music list already. so much good stuff is out there right now. that said, i was disappointed with the latest DCFC single. at least there is enough to keep me distracted in the meantime.

happy i was able to put my whole tax return down on my student loans. a few thousand less i have to worry about now. slowly chipping away, i am.

wishing Fringe would return from hiatus this week, instead of next. it’s the only television i watch these days. anyone have any good recommends for shows to get into when the season ends?

pondering my next craft project. thinking i might do that Shaun of the Dead pictured below.

getting ready to go take pictures of a heritage building before it is torn down. the downside to the job – can’t save everything – but at least we can preserve the photographs. i have another meeting about the street mosaics too. i really need to photograph some of the stuff i’ve been working on around here.

currently…you are?



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2 responses to “currently…

  1. Kudos on knocking down the student loan! I admire your diligence and financial prowess.

    Shaun of the Dead project? You know I am intrigued, it being one of my all-time favourite movies. But sadly, no link…

    Currently I am giving winter the middle finger, having a glass of wine, chair dancing to old White Stripes, and have just completed my first assignment for Flash Fiction Friday (shameless self-promotion time).

  2. Well, I did put $200 aside to purchase a new phone and there was a bit left over from the $200, which will go to buying records at the upcoming concerts. ;) In the face of $4,500 I think that is reasonable though. Also the last time I’ll get a substantial tax return, so had to capitalize. I hate being a grown-up.

    The Shaun of the Dead cross-stitch I posted yesterday. Think that will translate well into a felt project!

    I still can’t believe the weather you guys are having. Kudos on the chair dancing and wine to the Stripes though! I’ll be over to read you post after dinner.

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