i go to the movie and i go downtown

sometimes change blindsides you.

then, there are times, when change is a bit slower and you can actually feel it happening.

i had one of those moments today – the slower feel it happening kind of change. like i was stuck in a sam cooke song. except this change was good, or will be, if i let it grow.

funny too that feeling of noticing the change. for me i finally saw myself through someone else’s eyes. finally listened to what they had been telling me all along, and it just clicked. it was a simple action too that prompted everything.

it always is though isn’t? those little things idle things that hit you in the middle of the afternoon. pause for celebration, really. how often can we catch ourselves in that moment? that’s why i’m writing it down. i want to remember that feeling. a half-smile and a twinkle in the eye. unnoticed to the full room i occupied, but heard across the miles.

what was the last thing that made you truly smile?



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4 responses to “i go to the movie and i go downtown

  1. bloody awful poetry

    I’m happy you got such a positive breakthrough moment :) The last time I truly smiled was probably yesterday, when I heard about a chocolate fair happening on campus. Frivolous, perhaps, but few things make me as joyful as Russian hazelnut-cocoa bars can.

  2. That would make me smile too! I saw a recipe the other day (linked in my sidebar) for chocolate dipped cookie dough sandwiches, and it made me smile. Hope the fair is as delicious as it sounds.

  3. Bravo for slow change, good change. It was very clever of you to capture this moment, in order to fully appreciate it and also to save it for when you need it.

    My silly cat always make me smile, even after a day of being a soundboard for a seemingly endless line of people sharing all their anguish with me. Thank you, Slightly Retarded Kitty!

  4. It’s definitely a day I want to be able to remember in the future.

    Glad the SRK could step up to the plate. Pets are good like that. :)

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