the eyes are following you

Having a pretty shitty Monday. Well Monday morning at least.

Made a mistake late yesterday in the day, while doing some admin stuff and because of the way our signing authority is set up with the bank, it became a bit of an issue this morning. One that probably could have been avoided, had it not been my 7th day in a row working. Hate making silly mistakes that make you feel like an idiot.

The torrential rain and migraine aren’t helping either. I have a feeling its going to be a really long month. Resisting the urge to run away, instead you can find me in the storage room with all the puppets. Nothing says cheer up like semi creepy vintage dolls, right? Right….

p.s. this cheered me up a bit. i dislike musicals, but i could get behind a Flips one based on “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots”



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2 responses to “the eyes are following you

  1. Since when are vintage dolls only semi creepy?

    Hopefully the rest of your Monday is going more smoothly, and that the dolls haven’t murdered you.

  2. Ha. True, true. I should take some pictures tomorrow.

    Still waiting on full resolve from this morning, but haven’t made any other mix ups, thankfully.

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