hey, been trying to meet you

I called my parents in California this evening to check in. They weren’t home, so the machine picked up.

Apparently, no one had thought to change the machine message since my Gran had died, so her voice came through the speaker. Unexpected, that was.

So was my response. Although not really.

Now I have a craving to drink diet pepsi and eat a sour cream glazed donut. Instead, I shall settle for popcorn and tea, and put on some Gin Blossoms, because for some weird reason they always make me feel better. Oh, and this picture made me smile today.

If you had to choose a phrase to spray paint on a blank billboard, what would it read?



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2 responses to “hey, been trying to meet you

  1. That must have been quite a shock to hear your grandmother’s voice on the answering machine. Did hearing her make you forget momentarily that she was gone?

    I’ve heard of people who keep those tapes always, just to hear their loved ones voice again.

  2. It was a bit of a shock, no didn’t make me forget, just made me woebegone.

    We have lots of audio letter tapes of hers, but I haven’t listened to them since she died. I suspect that’s why my parents have kept her voice on their the machine. They’ll probably change it once they move down there full time.

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