fine tip

Today I stood in a room with about 400 other people, and it didn’t freak me out that I was in charge. Or at least in charge of 30 of them. Last year I was much more panic stricken, and this year I just, well, wasn’t. Even with the few fumbles made, just kind went along and did my thing.  Event went off smoothly and we had about 150 more people than last year. Success, I think.

The highlight of my day though, was not the end totals.

It was sometime around 3 o’clock, this elderly married couple walked up to me as I standing next to the sharpie markers by the front entrance. The man was looking for something to write with, I offered the marker. He picked it up, inspected it and held it up to me.

How does it work? he questioned.

You take the cap off.

He looked at it closely, and then pulled off the cap. Ah. Genius! Are these new?

No, they’ve been around for a while.

He goes to write his note, his wife is standing next to him, muttering, and then rolling her eyes at him towards me as though to say sorry. He hands me back the marker, remarks how my stockings are smart looking and then walks off. I see his wife hit him upside the head when they get a few paces away, and yell, How have you lived 76 years and not uncapped a marker!

Something that made you smile today?



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6 responses to “fine tip

  1. I love this story! It’s those small moments among the large (for which I must pump my fist and declare huzzah, well done) that offer those memories that make it all worthwhile. How utterly adorable they must have been!

  2. It totally made my day – I was chuckling for a few minutes after it happened. Actually, still smiling. I don’t think I’ll ever look at a Sharpie the same way. How do they work?? ;)

  3. kelly

    smiled because it was a beautiful day outside and the dumb ass robin that’s been attacking the sliding doors in the bedroom for 2 weeks seems to have disappeared. Seriously, all day from sun up to sunset thumping himself into his reflection and then falling to the deck and then doing it again. Not constantly but enough.

  4. Do you have a pet pig? Maybe it was trying to kill it. Check the yard for sling shots.

  5. You didn’t tell him he’s also supposed to smell it too? Or is that just the dry erase markers? This sounds like a perfect moment, one that I would celebrate.

    While visiting Rome several years ago, I rounded a corner and bumped into a little old Italian man, he looked up at me and said ‘boom!’, smiled and went on his way. It still charms me.

  6. I should have Dale. I wasn’t that quick on my feet! It was just a simple black Sharpie marker.

    Ha! That’s great. I love when stuff like that happens.

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