here, there, everywhere

Close to day 5 of a 13 day straight work week, and on day 3 of a migraine.

These next few weeks are going to be quite stressful, but I’m hoping everything works out. I get to write my own paycheck now, so at least I know I’ll get paid on time. Hey, that’s something.

See you next week friends.



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3 responses to “here, there, everywhere

  1. I only feel like I’m in the middle of what you’re in. I hope you get 13 straight days off!

  2. You should write yourself a nice healthy raise. It’s the least you could do for such a fine upstanding employee.

  3. Dale: Wouldn’t that be grand? I get 10 days off in July and the countdown has commenced!

    Barb: I thought about that today whilst writing out the cheques. Damn conscience!

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