holy carrots, batman!

If I was physically able to do a cart-wheel without offsetting my vertigo right now, I would. Instead I’ve just been bounding up and down the stairs in excitement.

I’ll explain.

When I first started with this job our funding was drastically cut. So drastically that for the past 2 years its been 2 people running 3 museums/buildings. To say things have been tight would be an understatement. I’ve basically been doing 2 jobs (event planning + curatorial work). I loathe event planning with every fibre of my being, and it takes up so much of my time.

That was, until today.

One of our big grants was reinstated (is it election time or something?) and will continue to be for the next year too. I will be passing over about 90% of my event planning, and will now just act as a supervisor and chair committees, because not only do we now have funding to fund all our outreach, we can hire another person! I’ve already hired someone and they start at the end of the week. *steeple hands*

WordPress needs a dancing emotion with jazz hands and an evil grin.

Something that made you hand clap today?



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6 responses to “holy carrots, batman!

  1. I’ve never been able to do a cartwheel, but in my mind I am doing them for you! Excellent turn of events! Kudos on the grant writing skills.

  2. Thanks, Barb! It’s been quite a week, and it’s on Tuesday. I hope this weekend runs this smoothly.

  3. f

    Congratulations! Everything’s coming up Allison!

  4. This week at least. I’ll take it!

  5. kelly

    good stuff, glad to hear it.

    I’m having a minor sense of your vertigo the last couple days. I seem to have picked up a brutal cold while in Indianapolis. It didn’t kick in until I got home so hoping I didn’t give it to anyone on the plane. Anyhow every time I cough I get light headed and dizzy and have to stop and hang on. Doesn’t compare to you and I’m not trying to make it sound that way.

  6. Sorry to hear about the vertigo. Daily battle here, so I sympathize. Best thing to do to rid it, is sleep. Hope you start to feel better soon!

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