oh man, oh my, oh me

One of my favourite things about listening to music, reading, or discovering a piece art is when it makes you look at something from a different angle. I mean, that’s the point, right? Art, or good art, rather, is meant to shake you up. Specifically with music and reading, I love that moment when the words pull you out; make you stop, hit rewind or reread. It’s as though you can hear the wheels turning in your own head. I like to think of it as the sound of  a cassette re-winding.

I had one of these moments this weekend. I was driving (why do random moments always hit you when you’re driving?) and I was listening to the new Fleet Foxes record. There’s a line in the opening track, actually its the first line on the record, “So now I am older than my mother and father when they had their daughter…now what does that say about me?”

That line just shook me up. In part, having to do with how beautiful the music is accompanying the words, but also because its something I ponder all the time, and to hear those words, especially, now what does that say about me? made my heart beat a little faster. Whether or not the song is about what I interpreted it to be, it doesn’t matter. That initial impact, felt like a weight but kind of release at the same time.

What’s the last thing that stood out to you? Be it a song, book, or piece of art.



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2 responses to “oh man, oh my, oh me

  1. f

    “Sunlight over me no MaTtEr what I do

  2. Definitely in the running for song of the year. I like the line “in the morning waking up to terrible sunlight” later in the song.

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