what’s the story



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6 responses to “what’s the story

  1. f

    Alfred Hitchcock – Inventor of the edible life preserver

    “Go ahead, Gwenyth, no there aren’t any bears in there, you can trust me. Why would I put bears in a tunnel to stop you from singing, that’s silly. The growling you hear is just my stomach, haven’t had breakfast yet and uh…”

    He really was the Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan.

  2. Which would be important if you needed a small snack out at sea.

    Ha! She needs to be added to my G list of things I do not understand. To be fair though, I have never really heard her sing, so I can’t really comment. Does she actually have a song out that is heard on the radio or something? I thought she was just singing on Glee. Or is that in itself enough? ;)

  3. f

    Well, she did F- You at the Grammys with Cee-Lo and now apparently she has a recording contract with Atlantic.

  4. Ah, see I missed the Grammy Awards due to the lack of cable. Guess that’s a good thing. Let’s hope she doesn’t do a duet with Chris. I don’t think the world is ready for that.

    Speaking of that Cee-Lo song. I heard it when I was in England and the “Fuck You” had been changed to “Forget You” – really makes for a totally different song.

  5. I’m sorry, I am so mesmerized by Hitchcock’s salami belt that I can’t even consider the others.

  6. It’s brilliant, isn’t? There are some great photos of him on the web.

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