green apples

While I have been taking this writing class, I have really enjoyed that my Saturday is like a Sunday – extremely lazy.

The past few weekends, I was out, but today I stayed in, not really feeling like driving anywhere and it was actually a productive day.

Annoying housework didn’t seem all that annoying with sun streaming in from the balcony and the new Fleet Foxes blaring from the stereo. I was able to finish my chapbook, which I had been working on for a while. Walked to the market and picked up some fresh fruit – mango is steadily becoming my favourite fruit. Plus, I managed to catch-up with 3 friends, and even chatted with the parentals.

It was like a non-day, but filled with good stuff.

Now I am trying to decide what to cook for dinner…it’s been a while since I made falafel, perhaps I’ll give that a go. I just found out that snickerdoodle cupcakes exist, but not really sufficient for dinner.

What are you cooking this weekend?



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6 responses to “green apples

  1. f

    With my luck I’ll be dining on crow.

  2. Ah, not good. That never goes down well.

  3. Miss Smack

    Hi there :)

    Thanks for your advice about my latest post. I really appreciate it.

    Your blog is so warm and lovely. I shall be back.

    Did you know that green apples act as a neutralising Ph strategy for gall bladder pain? True!


  4. I’ve been reading your site for ages, I don’t know why I never commented before. I will more in the future! Really hope you’re able to get some relief soon. Being back at home probably helps.

    I did not know – learn something new every day. Thanks for dropping by!

  5. With barbequing still an impossibility around these parts I am continuing to crank out those hearty midwinter-type meals, last night fettucini alfredo with shrimp and spinach (totally invented on the spot, but very tasty) and tonight it’ll be roast chicken.

  6. I really can’t believe how much snow you guys are getting, still. Those definitely sound hearty. I hope they keep you warm until the snuggies arrive. :)

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