a sad day for words

When I got home last night, I logged onto the Twitter, and my eyes caught the trending topics. Normally, I never pay attention them but the Oxford English Dictionary was up there and that made me curious. So I did a search and found out they had added some new “words” to the dictionary



and the symbol for heart

I can’t wrap my head around this. Perhaps it’s because I hate acronyms and text speak. Actually, I’m pretty sure that’s why. It just feels like lazy language to me. I type pretty fast, and it takes me more time to hit the shift key to capitalize letters then it does to write them all out, so it always perplexes me when I see the short forms. I will admit, I have used the phrase “I heart this” but always the word, not the symbol, yet that’s kind of the same thing. We’re all guilty of shortcuts, but I would never think that proper language.

Is this just me getting old? Should these be words? Thoughts?



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7 responses to “a sad day for words

  1. Expecting a higher standard from the OED is definitely not a sign of getting old. It’s a sign that you have a love and a respect for language that you expect institutions like the Oxford English Dictionary to uphold. Shaking my head sadly over this development, I am.

  2. I agree, it’s lazy language, but I also use LOL and OMG quite a bit – just because I think they’re funny. Esp. OMG and OMFG. What ticks me off more is the “wat r u doin tonite” shit which I’ve talked about before on my blog & written about in the Telegraph. As far as the heart symbol is concerned, I don’t have a problem. I am a huge fan of the “&” symbol and I think they are quite similar in function.

  3. f

    As much as I despise some of the new lingo, I must admit I use Orly? on a regular basis.

    And I think the dictionary is just trying to be helpful. My Mother thought LOL meant “Lots of Love” and would regularly sign her e-mails with it, was kind of disturbing….

    “Glad to hear you are doing well.



  4. Wow. You guys all commented at the same time. Random.

    Barb: What irks me most is that they take out words each year, and if this is what they are using to fill the spaces, well I don’t agree.

    WC: I’ve never really used them. My go-to for LOL is Ha Ha Ha! :) I agree with the “wat r u doin tonite” shit though. I don’t even like hearing the phrase, “where u at?”, which my cousins in California seem to use a lot. My slang got better after living in England and their greeting of “Are you alreet?” for “Hello.”

    F: Ah, that’s funny. Hopefully no one let that go on for too long. At least your mother knows how to use a computer. Mine once wrote me an entire e-mail in the subject line.

    Thanks for making me Google “Orly” ;)

  5. f

    Surprised you didn’t know it, what with your love of owls.

  6. I have blinders for abbreviations like that. As soon as I Googled it, I recognized it from the picture though.

  7. Whether they’re in use or not doesn’t legitimize their addition as words. You’re absolutely right.

    On Modern Family, I did love when Phil was trying to show how cool he was, he was rhyming off things like LOL – laugh out loud, WTF – why the face?

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