happy the week is behind me, and looking forward to the weekend

wondering what to throw on the record player. hmm, perhaps the new fleet foxes…

officially shed the winter coat and there is no going back, even if its a bit chilly, as it was this morning

in need of a new pair of sunglasses, as i broke mine this week

thinking i should make soup for lunch

thinking before i do that i need to vacuum

wondering if we’ll have another election on our hands next month. as much as i dislike Harper, 300 million is a hell of a waste of money for another minority government. i wish there was a stronger Liberal leader. i do not feel as though i can trust Ignatieff either. edit: it’s on

amazed at how an extra hour of sleep in the morning can change your day

currently…you are?



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4 responses to “currently…

  1. Just came home to find out we are having an election…Sigh…

  2. Pretty much my thoughts exactly. Didn’t realize it’s only the 5th time in history that the gov’t has been defeated. I just don’t know if it will actually accomplish anything…but here’s hoping!

  3. I wish there were a stronger opposition. Especially in this riding, where people will never vote anything but conservative. Which explains why that Jason Kenney holds this riding.

    Other than that, just trying not to look out the window.

  4. Me too. It’s a pretty strong conservative riding here, too. Of the 5 times the government has been defeated, haven’t 2 of them been with Harper?

    Wish you could look out the window here. Not much longer until your visit at least!

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