no witty title fits here

When I was in high school, specifically between the ages of 16-18, I worked midnights most weekends as a coffee wench.

Why my parents let me, I don’t know. The shop wasn’t in the greatest part of town, and I worked alone and had to deal with drunks mostly. Nearly all were harmless though, too hammered to attempt to do anything. Plus, you’d get regulars so would scare them off, so that helped.

Since then, most of the jobs I’ve held involve me working autonomously. Sometimes in not the greatest situations. They’re only been a few instances where I feared for my safety. Strolling through ditches in the middle of the countryside in London, was one of them, and now more recently, at one our museums.

A few weeks ago we had a bit of an incident. Guy came in, my regular volunteer wasn’t there, so I was alone, and right from go I knew something was off. He was wholly inappropriate and I was lucky our caretaker came in when he did, as I almost had to call the police on him.

Well, he came back yesterday. My volunteer was out front and I wasn’t there to stop him at the door, so I didn’t see him come into until it was too late. Same lines were crossed as last time, with the exception of one major up the creepy factor…

He started relaying my schedule to me and telling me he can see the museum from where he lives and “had been watching.”


I kicked him out and we closed up super early.

Now we’re trying to figure out what to do about the situation, and I’m more worried about my other staff who works there on Sunday. As I think he has also come around on Sunday, from what I gathered through some of his statements. Frustrating situation all around, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit creeped out walking to my car yesterday. Thankfully, with the time change its daylight out still when I leave, kind of a false comfort.

Yeah, so that’s been my week and I get to work 12 hours today. Huzzah!

Hope your weeks are going slightly better.



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5 responses to “no witty title fits here

  1. REPORT THIS TO THE POLICE. I am not kidding. Get a paper trail going in case this escalates. It already has escalated! Don’t fuck around – call the cops & report this. Give the cops a description. He could be harassing others, too; you never know. Seriously.

  2. We did. We have his name too, so that helps. When I said we’re trying to figure out how to deal with the situation, I meant in regards to staffing, and having two people there all the time.

  3. Jesus Christ on a Cracker, what the hell is wrong with people? I’m glad you are on top of the situation, but maybe a museum dog or two wouldn’t hurt.

    I also used to work the midnight shift alone as a teenager. I used to worry when the Legion across the street would close and all the drunks would come in to eat, but they were actually pretty harmless.

  4. ali

    I’m really glad you’ve reported this to the police! Definitely essential. I hope you’re able to sort out some staffing strategy. I kind of like Barb’s idea of some tough museum dogs…

  5. Barb: Just got back from our Annual General Meeting, and this was discussed. Everyone is on the same page, and hopefully we won’t have any further problems.

    But I will still put the motion in for a museum dog at the next meeting.

    Ali: It looks like we’re going to be getting some funding back soon, so this is really good news. We’ll have more staff presence there, thankfully.

    Me too. :)

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