things i do not understand

starting with the letter g…



gift wrap




and gold

what about you?

*not to be confused with gabbling, which i support for amusement purposes



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5 responses to “things i do not understand

  1. The typed lower case “g” is something I don’t get. What is up with that? We didn’t learn to write it that way in school!

  2. WC: Ah yes, the typewriter “g”- can’t write it but aesthetically I love it. I was never able to master an upper case G. Mine look like S’s or J’s. When writing in cursive that is.

    F: Definitely needs to be on the list.

  3. I cannot print a lowercase k. That’s my dirty little secret.

    As for the g list though, I cannot argue with you on any of these points. But there is hope yet, because garter snakes are pretty awesome.

  4. I think we all have a writing gap. Comforting.

    It’s true. I am for all animals that start with the letter g. ;)

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