baby loves that way

Got this idea from my friend Todd…if you had to choose an article of clothing to describe your personality what would it be, and why?

Being the Gemini that I am, I have two answers this question. I’ll roll them into one, but split them up first.

1) a soft, warm pashimna; probably purple.

2) a pair of stockings; a bright patterened colour.

Combined together, I have an article of clothing that kind of fits these two together…

A layered, lace pashmina – soft on one side, but a little scratchy on the other side. Fits me perfectly.

What about you? What article of clothing describes you best?



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4 responses to “baby loves that way

  1. ali

    What a great question! I like your soft/scratchy pashmina answer.

    I think I’d be either be my very high-heeled Mary Janes. Or (one of my several) neutral-toned fitted trenchcoats. Somewhere between frivolous and dead boring… ;-)

  2. Thought so too, I’m curious to hear more responses!

    The thought of the high heeled Mary Janes reminds me of the time you showed up to my flat in Kingston on Hallowe’en…I think you were wearing similar shoes. Fits you perfectly! ;)

    And still recall that beige trench coat you gave me with the purple lining. I had to give it away when I left England as it was too big. Need a new replacement.

  3. That is a great question, and your answer suits you to a tee.

    I would choose the hoodie that I am currently wearing. It matches my personality because:
    a) I stole it from my offspring,
    b) it has straight grey lines running through it,
    c) it’s loose and casual,
    d) it has a hood that you can put up it you want to get warm or hide,
    and e) it has a zipper that allows you to show as much or as little as you like. That’s me!

  4. Great answer, Barb! I love your reasons, and you’ve made me wish I owned a hoodie. It’s nice to have something to hide in sometimes. I tend to burrow into my scarfs.

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