sunny side up

I love when a day turns around unexpectedly.

I woke up this morning at 5.30am and couldn’t get back to sleep. I laid awake listening to the rain hit the window, playing the if i get back to sleep now i’ll get 40 mins, oh now 30 mins, c’mon 20 mins, etc game.

Spent the morning and early afternoon running around at work, very much a Monday. I had someone show up for a meeting a month early. They were met with my bewildered stare and for a brief second I wondered if it was mid April. Lunch was even filled with more work errands around the city. Thankfully, most of the afternoon was filled with new music. A new track from the Fleet Foxes and a new, what, an unreleased Bowie album? Yes, please. Even though Toy was recorded a decade ago, it still sounds fresh. I’ll be spinning this for quite some time.  Music feeds the soul, it really does.

Something unexpected that you encountered today?



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2 responses to “sunny side up

  1. How does one show up a month early for a meeting? I know that I have to go through the January … February … March ritual in my head when I am trying to figure out the date, but I can usually hit upon the right one eventually. That’s worse than someone showing up early for a dinner date.

  2. Yeah, he had it in his calender wrong. Meeting is April 21st, not March. It was funny though, as I was; what meeting? Is it April? Are you even on that committee? Where I am? ;) Oh Monday.

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