random photos i snapped today

hey, i was just talking about crinolines…

creepy boy statue in a bakery in Kits. this one’s for Barb. she knows why.

kind of wanted to get one of these wigs.

ah, stepback. my mini museum away from the museum.

scrabble, anyone?

you would not believe how many tins i deaccession at the museum like this.

wanted one of these key chains, too.

view out of the door at stepback into one of my favourite coffee shops in Kits.

sunflowers always make for a good end to the day.

last picture you snapped?



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3 responses to “random photos i snapped today

  1. Mellowlee

    Lovely photos and a lovely day!!! XO

  2. Fab photos! That creepy kid has some nefarious plans for those lovely easter eggs, but aside from his Eternal Creepiness, I approve.

  3. Mel: It was indeed! Enjoy the parade tomorrow. :)

    Barb: He needs a name. Every time I walk by there I think of you. Well, mainly recall us laughing at the first time we discovered him.

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