slow show

I’m feeling like today could use a bit of superpower.

Amazingly, for a really simple task.

Changing a light bulb.

Go ahead. Laugh. However, the light bulb is above a steep staircase, so there is no way to put a ladder down to reach up to it. Even from the upstairs level, one could possibly lean over the railing, but they’d only reach it if they were over 6’5. I’m not even going to attempt it. We all know how my balance is.

In the past, from what I’ve been able to gather, the light was changed by a part-time employee, the giant (6’7) and before that there was some sort of rod mechanism in place, which unscrewed the lightbulb. Of course, no one knows what happened to that.

The stairs will remain unlit until that is found, or I make a new one.

It’s funny how such a simple task can bedevil one in an old house. I wonder how it was changed when the original owners lived here, given the fact that people were much shorter and smaller back then. Perhaps they were more fearless. I’m not sure.

Yet, if I could extend a superpower to anyone at this moment, it’d be to theĀ operators at the Fukushima Daiichi plant in Japan.

What are you thankful for today?



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9 responses to “slow show

  1. kelly

    Thankful that Robbie (my other half) got home last night from her latest trip.

  2. Too much to insert a parasitic head joke (re: the other half)? ;)

    Always nice when everyone is home under the same roof.

  3. kelly

    I would have inserted a joke if I had the opportunity. Sometime when she decides that “my dessert” is “our dessert” after she had “just one bite” I may use that phrase.

  4. Was there electricity in the house when it was first built? But even if there weren’t, when it was wired, why wouldn’t they put the light in a more accessible place? Shaking head at lack of foresight…

    I back you in wishing super powers on the nuclear plant operators; they already are superheroes. And lately I feel thankful for pretty much everything in my life. It’s all a matter of perspective.

  5. No, not when it was originally built, but when they renovations in the 1930s (the house was moved) and then again in the 1970s…you’d think at some point (especially when it became a museum) they’d thought about wiring, but no. There is only main power source upstairs. :S

    Definitely. Hard to complain about your job in comparison.

  6. kelly

    I know museums are under certain budget constraints so this may not be feasible but, at Home Depot you can get a tool just for that purpose. A light bulb grippy end on a long extendable pole. And if you replace it with the newer evil long lasting bulbs it could be years before it needs replacing

  7. it was one of the newer bulbs. crisis adverted though, got my researcher to bring in her husband (who is 6’5) after work to change it!

  8. I had the exact problem with a lightbulb in my place. I got my father, who’s taller than I and whose life isn’t as important as my own, to replace it when he visited at Christmas.

  9. Ha! You know, my grandmother used to make my brother and I do the exact same thing when we’d visit for Xmas. Mandatory light bulb change before we could eat.

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