running a sleepless run

this morning i grabbed a box of mini oatmeal cookies, which sit next to the cheerios on my counter, and poured them into a bowl. ready to go ahead and eat them for breakfast. it was only when i had the milk hovering over the bowl that i realized, hmm something is wrong here.

yet, it was like a delayed reaction. i looked at the bowl, then at the cheerios. back the bowl. then the most prolonged d’oh escaped my lips.

i set the milk down and began pouring the cookies back into the box. i did, however, contemplate pouring the milk over the cookies. i mean, that’d just be one step away from oatmeal, really. and even though i don’t like oatmeal, i’m sure cookie-like oatmeal would taste different. and they were organic cookies. that had to count for something.

i’m really wondering if i need to start introducing caffeine into my morning routine. do you have caffeine in the morning? can you function without it?

sidenote: thank-you for participating in the “fill in the blanks” post. it was really interesting to see how each person interpreted the line before. i’ll leave it open and check in periodically, to see if  anything has been added.



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11 responses to “running a sleepless run

  1. kelly

    I’ve been having oatmeal most mornings for a few years, often with a banana cut up in it, maybe a few almonds, some yogurt. Oh, I recently bought some Greek style yogurt that has honey in it….woderful! It will be a treat since it is way more expensive and it is high fat and high carb when copared to the other.
    I have coffee every morning, I like a cup in a go-mug when I take the dork dog to the park. I don’t need it to function, unless I’ve been on a couple calls during the night

  2. Just never been a fan of the texture of oatmeal. Yes, Greek yogurt is quite tasty, nice as a treat.

    Thinking I might need to start drinking a caffeinated tea in the morning soon.

  3. f

    Milk over oatmeal cookies is not as bad as flour in your coffee, which I am guilty of, in my defense it is the same colour as the bag of sugar.

    I drink one cup of coffee at home, and then sometimes have another from a coffee shop, depending on circumstances.

    I just recently switched from making a whole pot everyday to using one of these…

    Which is more economical and in my opinion makes the coffee taste a bit better than the pot.

  4. Ha. No, you’re right its not as bad. ;)

    Ah, that’s cool. Kinda like a tea press, but for coffee? I think, if I read it correctly. At first I thought it was just a giant cup. I have various sizes of teapots based on how much I’m going to drink, but I find the individual tea press is best. Especially since I drink a lot of loose leaf tea these days. Although for Xmas I was given a tea infuser spoon in my stocking and that works in a pinch too. Press still tastes better though.

  5. kelly

    We use to drink tea in the evenings, while playing scrabble or backgammon (that makes us sound so old). Should drink it more.
    We have a few plastic versions of that coffee dripper, perfect for camping. Although I’m not a big fan of bacon, the smell of coffee and bacon in the morning when you are camping is wonderful.

  6. f

    Well, you just pour the coffee over the grounds and it drips through a filter.
    I have one of those spoons too :) but what I really want for tea is this…

    Bit of a Hario fanatic now…

  7. Kelly: It’s a good evening drink. You’ve just listed three things I dislike; coffee, camping and bacon. :)

    F: Yeah, I figured it out.

    Yes! I’ve been coveting one of those, too! I really want it for green tea. I only like green tea cold, so this works perfectly. I’m pissed because you can’t get that on *fist shake* Gonna have to look around town for it.

  8. kelly

    i will be quiet now

  9. Is it wrong that I have a burning desire right now to have a bowl full of mini oatmeal cookie in milk? If only I had some in the house…

    I like oatmeal a lot, but don’t make it all that often. I love it with raisins and almonds or pecans and some brown sugar.

    I do have caffeine every morning, about 3 cups of coffee, but, judging from those blood test mornings when I need to fast, I know I can function without it, if I don’t mind a headache.

  10. That picture is brilliant, by the way!

  11. i just got home from work, and i’m thinking i might intentionally do that now. so no. ;)

    always nice to know you can function without it.

    i love it. i need to print it out and put it on my wall at work. amuses me so!

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