confetti floats away like dead leaves

my phone woke me this morning. a text message vibrating off my dresser, nudging the lamp.

it only said three words:

fringe. skype. now.

i wish my friends on the east coast would remember there is a time difference. i love a good fringe post chat, but not at 7am. and not on a saturday. nevertheless, i was up. so until i became fully functional to skype i did some early interneting, only to find my old hotmail account had been hacked. so a round of changing passwords and deleting contacts took place. always fun.

over cereal and tea i skyped with my friend. my sides hurt from laughing so much. i suspect they were still waking up. i wish i was going home for a visit before july.

call was then placed to the Boy. he was already up helping a friend do renovations. installing carpet and hardwood, i believe. we scheduled a scrabble date for the late evening.

another call placed to arrange a dinner date for sunday in Van.

okay, its only 10:30am. i hate that my saturday has turned into a sunday while i’m taking this class, really screws me up.

after some errands and a trip to the market, i decided the rest of the day should be spent crafting.

always nice when the cotton wrapped blank canvas…

becomes what you were hoping…mostly

girl is made from felt, hand stitched onto fabric. flowers are paper, hand stitched as well.

looks much better in person, you can’t really tell the detail from the picture.

what did you do today?

p.s. song of the minute: barnes’ yard – the rural alberta advantage. kinda feel like this is my hometown anthem. the anthem to get the hell out, that is.



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7 responses to “confetti floats away like dead leaves

  1. I LOVE the way your crafting has turned out! And that girl looks oddly familiar… hmmm …

    I think the new RRA is going to offer up some great selections for workout CDs, judging from Barnes’ Yard, which is nothing to be discounted.

  2. Thanks, Barb. It was quite fun and relatively easy to make. Yeah, I think I recognize her…

    I am loving it! Listened to it all afternoon whilst crafting. Needs to be burned for the car stat.

  3. kelly

    today; cleaned needles out of gutters, took bottles and cans to recyclers, (that’s a lot of bottles and cans for 15 bucks), started to organize tax stuff. I had planned to go down island to Nanaimo but jakethejerkdog ate something yesterday he shouldn’t have so he spent the day barfing and having diarrhea (I know TMI, sorry) so I spent much of the day with him making sure he could get out when needed. He looked like he felt ill too, he had a hang dog face.

  4. kelly

    oh…I really like that song!

  5. Sorry to hear that Jake was sick all day, hope he’s on the mend now.

    Glad you enjoyed the song, quite a catchy tune. The whole album is ace!

  6. Cory

    It’s strange… a hacked Hotmail account leads me back to a writer whom I used to follow several years ago, before the tides and trials of life left an ever widening distance.

    I hope the seasons have been kind to you…

  7. Hi stranger! Wow. Been awhile. How’d you even find this place?

    Seasons certainly have changed…hope to see you around again. :)

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