believe in magic, you muggle

Question period, dear readers. Buckle up.

If you could suddenly possess an extraordinary talent, what would you want that talent to be?

If you could own one painting/piece of art, from any collection in the world – that you were not allowed to sell – what would it be?

If you had to live the rest of your life in one place that you have never lived before, where would it be?

If you could keep only one article of clothing you currently own, and the rest had to be thrown out, what would you keep?

If you had to paint your house in one single colour, inside and out, what colour would you choose?

If you could have any writer from history write your biography, who would it be? Why?



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10 responses to “believe in magic, you muggle

  1. Dr. Robotnik

    First question is tough do I go for something humanitarian like healing people with my touch or something selfish like being able to play Mozart while blindfolded and straightjacketed. Hmmm…

    Egon Schiele – Standing Male Nude with A Red Loin Cloth


    Do shoes count as one article or 2? I’d like to keep my Ecco “Tweedy” shoes please and thanks.

    Does “clear” count as a colour? No? Uhm then blue I guess, but you never said I couldn’t have different shades of the color ;)

    Kafka – because he would make it dark and fucked up.

  2. It’s a tough call isn’t? Selfishly, I’d kinda want to see the latter. Although healing with touch would make things easier around here. Nevermind, change my mind to the former.

    Good choice. I’d really like to get to Austria one of these days to see ‘his’ museum.

    Sure, shoes count. You’ve mentioned these before…I hope they last you a long time.

    Ah, found a loophole. Well done.

    Definitely would. I’d have to go with Poe myself.

  3. – the ability to recreate the images I see in my head. I believe this is called being an artist.
    – I’ll have to give some more thought to the piece of art question.
    – Seattle. But I could handle Bermuda as well.
    – my house coat. It’s warm, versatile, and has big pockets.
    – easy peasy – grey.
    – Dr Seuss. He would keep things brief and simple.

    That was a fun exercise for a Friday, and far less painful than I expected.

  4. He he. ;)

    It’s a tough one isn’t? There are a few I’d choose for that one. Probably stick with Van Gogh’s The Old Guitarist from his Blue period.

    I think I’d go with purple. Light shade.

    Surprising, but amusing choice. Something to be said for succinctness.

    Good, I’m glad. Break from reading the devastating news coming out of Japan right now. Heartbreaking. There is a tsunami warning for here too. Amazing how far it can stretch.

  5. kelly

    Any talent would be good for a start. From a purely selfish standpoint, being able to hypnotize others would be cool.

    The Thinker by Rodin. It’s position at the museum in Paris allows one to approach it from different angles. I never thought much about it until I was able to see it in person.

    So difficult to narrow it down, San Francisco maybe

    my leather jacket, I have 4 but this one is so soft and comfortable, not to heavy and it looks good

    something of an eart tone, like maybe colour of coffee with cream

    Stephen King, hopefully he could make my life seem really cool

  6. Yes, most statues in galleries are in the middle of the room or whatnot, so people can view it from different angles. Definitely has a great effect that way.

    Lovely place, San Fran. Good choice.

    It’s like when you reach perfect t-shirt softness, can’t let those go!

    So, beige.

  7. Extraordinary talent as in supernatural talent? Time travel. As in just really awesome? Guitar. Drums. Some instrument.

    The art? I wish I could tell you the name of it, but there was a painting in a gallery in Iqaluit that my wife and I really loved, but couldn’t afford it at the time. Now I wished we’d gone into debt for it as we’ve forgotten the artist or name and the chance is gone forever.

    Japan. Sad to say that now considering what’s going on, but I still would.

    A certain pair of jeans.


    Kitty Kelly. The thought of a trashy, tawdry biography amount my life amuses me to no end.

  8. kelly

    ok when you say beige that way it sounds bad

  9. John: I should have specified. If we’re going with supernatural then I want the ability to teleport.

    That’s too bad. One of the reasons I always carry a notebook. You could always check with the gallery, they would have a record, I’m certain.

    Ha! I like that, great choice!

    Kelly: Well, its beige after all.

  10. kelly

    ok I’m going to pick a new colour, because it didn’t say you didn’t say I had to live with this colour forever (and I hate that colour is considered misspelled)
    how about this… the ochre that only occurs when you look at the sandstone cliffs of the desert when the sun is going down…ha

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