Happy tomorrow is Friday. This week has been long and tiring.

Prepping to give a presentation to city council tonight. Why can’t they just read our annual report? Save everyone’s time.

Wondering why there are wood chips stuck to my work blanket cape.

Wondering when the Strokes/Fleet Foxes albums are going to leak.

Listening to the new Crystal Stilts on repeat.

Thinking May is a long way away still.

Trying to find a picture of myself to submit for that article. Every picture I have where I’m actually smiling, I’m looking away from the camera. I’ll just have to give them a fake smile then. That reminds me…can you spot the fake smile? I got 18 out of 20.

Trying not to get too excited, but I might have 4 new display cases coming my way this summer. Oh the possibilities!

Wondering why I bought no sugar added gummies. They taste horrible. Washing them down with green tea helps. Slightly.

Thinking about linking my Twitter feed to the sidebar on the blog, seeing as I can be found there more than here these days. Yet worried it might aesthetically irk me too much.

Avoiding researching puppets.

Currently…you are?



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2 responses to “currently…

  1. Stay away from the puppets at all costs! Mind you, Famous Puppet Death Scenes did make me look at puppets in a whole new light.

    And why CAN’T they just read the annual report?

    Currently getting ready to head downtown to work the door and merch table at the Christine Fellows concert. Wondering why Christine Fellows and Malcolm Gladwell have to be in town on the same night.

  2. These ones aren’t that creepy. Promise. Maybe you can come see them in April? Actually…wait until September and I’ll have a whole new museum to show you since your last visit. Now with street art!!

    I guess they’d rather have me perform it. Perhaps I should do it in pantomime?

    Hate it when that happens. There are a few concerts the night the Fleet Foxes are in town I’m going to be sad to miss. Hope you enjoy the show in between volunteer duties!

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