i was hiding under your porch because i love you

You may have read about the Up inspired National Geographic house experiment that was launched this past weekend. Using over 300 weather balloons it flew 10,000 feet high, for about an hour. I love the pictures from this experiment (more if you click on the link).

Now I need to watch Up again.

Something from a film (that doesn’t exist currently) you’d like to bring to life?



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7 responses to “i was hiding under your porch because i love you

  1. Well that looks so cool. I really do need to watch Up at some point now.

    I think it would be pretty cool to have my own personal matrix, although maintenance would be a bitch. Barring that, a shoe phone.

  2. You definitely need too. Really lovely film.

    Ha ha ha! Well, they must have perfected the shoe phone by now…

  3. kelly

    Barb, downside of a shoe phone is what if you stepped in gum or worse dog poop and then put it to your ear? Or maybe it’s a stiletto and you end up impaling yourself in the ear. Then what would happen is people would start carrying them in their purse and manufactures would make them smaller and shaped to take less space and hen we would have……cell phones.

    Time machine would be very cool, but as usual I overthink things and this had me thinking of the paradox of time travel….as usual I overthink things…sigh

  4. Yes, of course time machine would be rad. I’d take a teleporter first though.

  5. kelly

    maybe a teleporter/ time machine combo? I suppose the downside of a time machine is one would probably not have the right clothes to wear for the time they are going to.
    Teleporter would save that terrible commuting time for many. I wouldn’t have to wait in ferry line ups. I wonder if people’s molecules would get squashed and mushed together if they crashed in mid-teleportation.

  6. Yes, there’s already a patten out of that one….to be made from a pocket watch. Just waiting for the money shrub to bloom.

  7. kelly

    wow and I have a pocket watch that would be perfect. On second thought can’t use that it was my grandfathers

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