little things

Elated at catching a box of clips from so far away, I rolled backwards in my desk chair, knocking over the neatly lined wall of green tea bottles I had been collecting. Trying to stop the cascading bottles I leaned a bit too far out of my chair, taking the vertical blinds with me.

Buster Keaton would have been proud.

Something that made you laugh today?

p.s. Conan and life size Angry Birds also amused me.



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2 responses to “little things

  1. I guess it’s too much to ask that somebody caught the whole thing on their cameraphone? It’s okay though, the image in my head is entertaining enough.

    I have to say I found the attack on the poor Smegma chairs to be unwarranted.

  2. Sorry to disappoint, nothing was caught on film. Happened too fast anyway. ;)

    I loved the sound effects in that clip. I always play the game with the sound off, so that and the sheer size had me laughing.

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