things that made me smile today…

eggs over toast

overseas phone calls

the smell of cinema popcorn

the fucking weather (thanks sean!)

listening to “terrible love” on vinyl

that my turquoise nail polish is called “shower together” – i need a job naming polish colours

a call from the doctor telling me i have a neurologist appointment next month

sun in the sky, but rain falling

things, or something, that made you smile today?



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7 responses to “things that made me smile today…

  1. The Fucking Weather (the site, not the reality) also made me smile today. Isn’t that brilliant?

    When you get a job naming nail polish colours, can you get me one naming paint colours? It’s my calling.

    Huzzah on the neuro-appointment! Fingers firmly crossed.

  2. kelly

    the dog and how he is thrilled with life’s little pleasures

    an eclair

  3. Barb: I literally laughed out loud when I read “I want fucking Celsius!”

    Consider it done. ;)

    Mine too!

    Kelly: Haven’t had an eclair in years, sounds delish!

  4. Albert Hammond Jr.

    I have yet to truly smile today…

    …but JC saying “fuck it” during last nights Strokes performance on SNL and the censors not catching it made me smile.

    Around the 3:50 mark…

  5. Oh, Julian.

    How was the new song? Content was blocked here. Have to search for it later.

  6. Albert Hammond Jr.

    I really liked the new song. Think this is totally Nick Valensi’s time to shine.

  7. Look forward to hearing it then. Maybe it’ll be up by the time I return from the day. Only two more weeks until the official release…maybe it’ll leak this week?!

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