they were a glorious mess

Cannot wait.



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7 responses to “they were a glorious mess

  1. Correction.

    Can’t Hardly Wait.

    Now if only we could set up a viewing party for us.


  2. ha! how could i have missed that. ;)

    that would be grand. look forward to discussing after!

  3. The Customer

    “Bechard made a music documentary with no music and not one single image of the band” – Color me not interested. Can’t be arsed to talk to P. Westerberg or T. Stinson and no band footage? this movie is gonna suck with a capitol UCK

  4. Under the impression it is a fan docu, so the chosen interviewees kinda make sense. Didn’t realize there was no music though, hmm.

  5. The Customer

    Yeah, I don’t really give a fuck what George Wendt thinks of the Replacements, would rather here from the boys or at least someone from Husker.

  6. The Customer

    hear… damn fingers… and yeah I know it’s capital and not capitol…

  7. perhaps there will be an official docu if there is ever a reunion? one can only hope.

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