listening to i guess i’m podcasting. tis tops.

a bit exhausted after cleaning up from my potato and leek soup disaster. not sure what went wrong, but blah, tasted horrible. if anyone has a better recipe, let me know…i used this one. thinking tacos for dinner now.

looking forward to going to the cinema tomorrow to see The Adjustment Bureau, but kind of also want to see Rango

happy i cleaned my flat and did laundry this morning before work, so i don’t have to do it this weekend.

pondering what lyric i’m going to “bring to class” on sunday. no idea what we’re going to do with it, as i missed last week class due to inclement weather. i’m leaning towards “don’t think twice, it’s all right” but that’s mainly because i had Dylan on repeat yesterday. also tempted to go with “in the radio’s hot sun…” or…yeah, this could go on for a bit.

currently…you are?



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9 responses to “currently…

  1. What a shame about your vichyssoise. Nothing more disappointing than fail soup.

    I would suggest substituting milk (or even cream) for the water and maybe only half the amount. Not sure I would add the tabasco either. And puree all the soup, not just half of it.

    That’s what I would do, anyway.

    How can you possibly decide what lyrics to bring to class? Where to even begin?

  2. I did puree all of it, and held off on the tabasco too. But that is a good suggestion with the milk – it definitely needed to be a bit thicker – that might to do the trick!

    I know….neverending. I’ll end up picking the ones off the top of my head before class. ;)

  3. f

    I always use milk when making a Potato Soup. But boil the potatoes in water to make them soft first then strain em and let em simmer in milk with the other ingredients.

    Perhaps you should just take a lyric from the last song you hear on your car CD player before class.


    …wishing the NAACP had chosen a different network for their image awards, didn’t like braving the dreck on other networks….

    …hoping Rango and The Adjustment Bureau automagically appear online soon….

    …waiting for Godot.

  4. Good tip, definitely gonna do that next time. I’ve never really cooked just potato soup before, I typically have them in a stew, and they always cook fine. Now I know!

    That’s probably what will end up happening…so unless I make new car listening, shall be something from the Papercuts.

    Me too. I missed Fringe tonight. Thankfully, back next week.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re up on Ice by the end of the weekend.

    Kinda been one of those days…

    On an aside, as I was typing this comment I curled my knees up and my laptop flipped, and the screen hit me in the head….such is life? ;)

  5. kelly

    i love that Dylan song….now it’s stuck in my brain.
    I’m trying to imagine how you did that circus trick with your laptop.

  6. Just got back from Rango actually. Visually it’s stunning. Story-wise and dialogue, I’m undecided.

  7. Kelly: Good song to get stuck.

    Combination of trying to sit up while still typing laying down.

    John: Perhaps one for a download then. Just got back from the Adjustment Bureau. Twas good.

  8. Actually, if you don’t go and watch it with kids you’ll probably enjoy it more.

  9. I think I might try and go to a matinée on Friday, before the kids get out of school. ;)

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