hard to control when it begins

i like writing in pencil, as it gives me the ability to erase.

sure, with pen you can scratch things out, but it’s not the same and far too aesthetically irksome for this girl.

the blank computer page, leaves no waste behind. yet it’s the page i sometimes have the most trouble filling.

i can’t tell you how much i hit backspace in a given day. in fact, while writing this post, i’ll have probably hit it at least a dozen times. and not for misspelled words. erasing thoughts that i deem unreadable. much like skipping over a song after 20 seconds. i’m too quick to hit delete, to dismiss. it’s really instantaneous.

it’s funny. correspondence  comes out of me so rapidly, yet when i sit down to think about something i’m always second guessing. i need to harness that same mental state and apply it to writing.

turn the blank page into a friend.

how does your process work? over-thinker, or get it all out as fast as you can?



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3 responses to “hard to control when it begins

  1. kelly

    i overthink every conversation, everything I write, everything. I’ve always wished I could be more spontaneous but I alwyas wonder about how it will be received.

  2. i’m spontaneous in life, just not when it comes to writing. that is much more methodical for me.

  3. kelly

    yours is a much better way to be

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