7 reworked film posters



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6 responses to “7 reworked film posters

  1. f

    Hate the Princess Bride one, love the Seven Samurai one, the rest are good.

  2. i would enjoy the PB one more if it was a different colour. yeah, that and the Cool Hand Luke one are my favourite. love the simplistic nature of them.

  3. I agree that Seven Samurai and Cool Hand Luke are the most powerful. Third place goes to The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.

    Nice finds.

  4. yeah, put that one in there for my soft spot for Leone.

    trying to come up with more categories than just the ‘7 pictures that made me smile.’ should start a suggestion box!

  5. f

    I still think “7 things that made me wanna punch someone in the face today” would be a good un.

  6. was that an earlier suggestion? i must have missed that.

    after my day today, i could definitely start collecting images. jumpstart on next week!

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