high above the water

so this is kinda cool.

although my first response was a cringe. i’ve since loosened the jaw muscles.

i’m being profiled for a national publication about my profession.

curators under 40…or something like that. the title of the piece, not the magazine. i was recommended for the profile,  but i have no idea where the recommend came from. the plot thickens.

in even better news?

i get to help design two more street art pieces, after the success of last years. huzzah!

receive any good news today?

p.s. you should go and listen to this.



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10 responses to “high above the water

  1. kelly

    more than kinda cool….very cool!

  2. well less cool that i have to have my photograph taken…but yeah, kinda. thanks!

  3. kelly

    nah even photograph is cool. You’re a star!

  4. prefer just the article and no pic. perhaps i’ll send in one of the gr.2 sketches that depict me giving a tour. yes, i think i will.

  5. Well look at you! This is a fabulous turn of events. And very well-deserved too. Obviously somebody recognizes the fine work you are doing. Can’t wait to read this article!

    I’m glad to see that the street art is spreading, too.

    And new Mountain Goats? That is always welcome news on a crappy February Monday. Going for a listen…

  6. Turns out it was my boss. Fancy that!

    So excited to be a part of the street art project again. It really livens up the city.

    New MG is pretty good too! Just think, it’s almost March. One step closer to spring.

  7. bloody awful poetry

    Congratulations! That is such a rockstar thing to happen. Be sure to show off that article (and the street art) when it’s done :)

    New Mountain Goats! Did not know new Mountain Goats was happening! Currently obsessed with Papercuts and The Rural Alberta Advantage’s new one.

  8. i’ll see what i can do. ;)

    yeah, its streaming on NPR, you should check it out. i had the Papercuts on repeat for most of last month. i’m giving it a break now. haven’t listened to the RAA yet…soon!

  9. Mr Magpie

    Perhaps you could send a Banksy style picture where your face is in silhouette. Or you could wear a monkey mask.

    Either way, Congrats!!

  10. ha, yeah, could do. almost like a sideways silhouette similar to hitchcock!

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