oh, i needed some sunshine

the view from my balcony. you can’t really tell how deep it is, but trust me when i say it’s the most i’ve ever seen in the valley.

there is calm silence in the air, as no one here wanders out in this.

i plan to take a walk shortly, because i know the rain will wash it away soon.

even though things are calm, and peaceful outside, i am a bit sad that i’ll be missing my class today as i can’t get into the city.

ah well, there is soup and cookies to be made.

any surprises to your day?



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7 responses to “oh, i needed some sunshine

  1. kelly

    and we got no snow this time. It sure brightens things up and makes the world seem fresh doesn’t it

  2. for those first few minutes, yes.

  3. kelly

    another apartment dweller’s advantage…

    no shovelling

  4. That’s quite astounding! Is it you, do you think, that is bringing this on? I mean, there was that hailstorm a couple of weeks ago, that you were part of …

    It’s a shame that you won’t be able to make your class though.

  5. Kelly: Yay for underground parking, too!

    Barb: Perhaps. I was wishing for cherry blossoms too much and it backfired.

    Yes, I was bummed about that. Still another month though!

  6. f

    I’m gonna go ahead and be that guy… I think the lyric is “all I need is some sunshine” if you’re quoting Timber Timbre that is. That guy is in my bones, sorry.

    Surprise of the day – Parked my car at the studio and found a dollar near my foot as I got out.

    Hope cookies and soup come out good.

  7. yes, pick on the one with the bad ears. ;) he definitely says ‘all’ the second time, but kinda sounds like ‘oh’ the first time…

    nice! can you buy a coffee for a dollar anymore?

    ran out of flour, so no cookies. but soup is good, thanks.

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