watching some animal planet type show on mute. it’s about hippos. i find these shows more fun to watch on mute. apparently, no one can outrun a hippo. didn’t know they were so dangerous.

still smiling over my impromptu lunch meet-up with a co-worker.

amazed it’s snowing, although the snow isn’t really lasting, it is still very uncommon for ¬†this time of year.

putting the final touches on a care package that’s going overseas tomorrow.

wishing black caffeine free tea tasted like normal tea. it’s a good thing rooibos tea is caffeine free. mmm honeybush caramel.

wondering if i should make kosherie for dinner or couscous.

thinking today needs some Seinfeld.

currently…you are?



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6 responses to “currently…

  1. f

    Currently enjoying shite movie night and watching Flyboys – forgot there were some good actors in this dreck – Jean Reno will accept a paycheck from anywhere apparently.

    Hoping there is a bit of truth to the King of Limbs 2 theories.

    Trying to whittle Sandinista! down to one amazingly solid album from 3 kind of wobbly ones, don’t care that they released Bankrobber as a single first and it wasn’t on the album, it’s going on there.

    Waiting for rain… should be here in an hour or so.

  2. Hmm never heard of Flyboys. Almost miss having cable for shitty movie nights. I am watching a good docu though, so.

    Me too! Definitely curious, but not getting my hopes up.

    That’s a good project. I haven’t listened to that in quite some time, mainly due to its length. 5 min plus songs tend to make me loose attention.

    Rain came here, washed all the snow away. Hope you get some there too.

  3. kelly

    flipping through bad tv being amazed how I can park on the couch and watch it, although I did have a productive day starting at the gym at 8 am
    Made some wonderfully delicious curry sweet potato soup for supper.

  4. Soup sounds delish. Gonna make some lentil curry soup myself today, as I’m snowed in. Seems like a good snowed in activity.

  5. ali

    Well, after reading that, I’m currently wondering how they proved that nothing can outrun a hippo. Also, I’m kind of hoping this had been extensively tested and that youtube footage of these hippo races are available for my viewing amusement. ;-)

  6. i’m sure there would be something up on youtube. i had no idea how huge (and yet surprisingly fast) those suckers were. definitely not friendly like the hungry, hungry hippo game lead me to believe!

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